Home of Sensory & Motor Learning

Neurobics Kids offers your child the opportunity to take part in a brain-boosting play experience. Through specialised movement techniques and sensory integration, children build the neuro-pathways to prepare their brains and bodies for effective learning and efficient day-to-day living. It is a whole-body experience through which children learn to interpret and organise incoming sensory stimuli and regulate their responses, resulting in appropriate, positive behaviour.

Play with Purpose

Through music, specialised movement, equipment and sensory play we have designed an exciting curriculum that will prepare your child for the classroom. Each activity is designed and adapted to the children in the class and is a wonderful experience of brain-boosting play.

  1. Music Moves Me

  2. Brain-Body Connect

  3. My Sensory World

  4. Meditation

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An overview of skills

  1. Physical Boost: MOVE TO LEARN

    • Fitness and integration of the 7 sensory systems enhances the child’s physical capabilities and builds the brain for more complex movements that are coming along.

  2. Cognitive Boost: WIRED TO LEARN

    • We stimulate braincell growth and enhance neural connections. Building the foundations for success in and outside the classroom.

  3. Social and Emotional Boost: JOY IN LEARNING

    • Research shows specialised movement grounds the child emotionally and builds confidence in themselves.

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Everyone is invited!

Everything in life is experienced through our body movements and sensory systems. It is something that every one of us is doing unconsciously, every minute of every day. And when our sensory systems are working smoothly, life is much easier, we are happier, and we feel confident and successful. When sensory processing is not working smoothly and movement is awkward, life can be much more difficult and children can face learning and/or behavioural challenges. Our philosophy is why wait until there is a problem, let’s help them start off on the right foot.

Children with special needs are welcome, please contact me directly for more info.

Signs to looks out for:

Hypersensitivities to sensory input may include:

  • Extreme response to, or fear of sudden, high-pitched, loud, or metallic noises like flushing toilets, clanking silverware, or other noises that seem unoffensive to others

  • May notice and/or be distracted by background noises that others don’t seem to hear

  • Fearful of surprise touch, avoids hugs and cuddling even with familiar adults

  • Seems fearful of crowds or avoids standing in close proximity to others

  • Doesn’t enjoy a game of tag and/or is overly fearful of swings and playground equipment

  • Extremely fearful of climbing or falling, even when there is no real danger i.e. doesn't like his or her feet to be off the ground

  • Has poor balance, may fall often

Hyposensitivities to sensory input may include:

  • A constant need to touch people or textures, even when it’s inappropriate to do so

  • Doesn’t understand personal space even when same-age peers are old enough to understand it

  • Clumsy and uncoordinated movements

  • An extremely high tolerance for or indifference to pain

  • Often harms other children and/or pets when playing, i.e. doesn't understand his or her own strength

  • May be very fidgety and unable to sit still, enjoys movement-based play like spinning, jumping, etc.

  • Seems to be a "thrill seeker" and can be dangerous at times