The best start in life?

As parents, we are always searching for stimulating activities, experiences & insightful resources to help our little ones reach their full potential. If I asked you what your aspirations for your child are, what would you say?

Some of us wish for them success and ease, others wish they would discover their hidden talents and soar, but we can all agree that at the top of that list is the wish for joy and happiness for all children. Finding this path to inner happiness begins with connecting within. The idea of connecting MIND, BODY & SOUL. 

Feeling confident, capable and ready to conquer their day. This is what we offer your child at Neurobics Kids, a chance to get in touch with themselves, to eliminate the challenges that could hold them back and help them find the courage to draw out the magic that makes them shine.

"It is through play that children learn HOW to learn." Fred Rogers

Experts, revolutionary educators and neuroscientists are all pointing to the importance of PLAY and how sensory-motor development lays the foundations for thinking, doing and feeling.

Through a specially designed curriculum of specialised movement, action songs, sensory experiences, rhythmic play and kids yoga, we offer your child a brain boosting experience that will enhance their physical, cognitive, emotional and social skills. Focusing on movement and sensory play, we build the neuro-networks for learning and for life. This leads to efficient processing of thoughts and actions and it makes life in general a little easier. Its like switching from manual driving to your child's brain if free, unoccupied and READY to listen, interact, explore and LEARN! This gives rise to children who feel connected, capable and READY TO CONQUER THEIR DAY!


More about the classes

They are fun, interactive and engaging. Filled with love, laughter and an encouraging community spirit. Every movement is designed to enhance pre-learning skills, encourage creative thinking and help them reduce stress and anxiety. This will boost their attention and focus, reading and writing skills and listening skills. It will help them move with ease, purpose and balance their reactions to incoming stimulation from their environment.  It will teach them to better regulate their behaviour and help them react more appropriately and adapt to new situations. It will reduce stress and anxiety and put that child-like sparkle back into their eyes. They will learn to share, team-build, make friends and develop speech and language skills. They will find a place where they belong.

Children that feel good about and in themselves are more prepared and likely, to REACH FOR THE STARS! 

So when I say the best start in life, I sincerely believe that movement and sensory development during the formative years could change the outlook on life for your child. I know it has for my little one :-)