Munira E. Orsmond


Being a mom, teacher, BabyBrains trainer and a Movement and Sensory Specialist, I find myself in a unique position. I am able to piece together the journey of the child, looking at the development of learning skills from birth to school. 

With this unique overview of what parents experience during the formative years, what the teachers' are aiming for and expecting from a child in the classroom setting and special insight about what happens when difficulties and learning challenges arise and children are sent to see a therapist, I hope to support & empower children and their caregivers.  

Imagine if we could intervene at a young age and help a child overcome their challenges BEFORE they lead to more serious outcomes? What if we taught them strategies to cope better with their experience in the world through play? 

As a parent to a 5 year old girl, I watch her growing up as an “urban child,” and like you, I want my child to have a well-rounded, balanced childhood and education. For me,  the best start is developing the sensory-motor system, it is the foundation to living and learning.

I hope to share my expertise to give children a chance to experience life to the fullest and be the best they can be.

My qualifications & experiences:

BA Psych, Post Grad in Early Years Education, Steiner School Teacher Training, Integrated Learning Therapy Courses: 1) Movement, Diet and Sensory Integration, 2) Rewire Your Brain for Learning Readiness and 3) Supporting children with behavioural, learning and special needs. I am a certified Kids Yoga Instructor.

I have 5+ years teaching experience, I was an AVS for a child on the Spectrum, and am lucky enough to be one of the founding members of Wild Pines Academy in my hometown South Africa. I've been living in Paris since 2013.

My passion:

Teaching and Learning through movement and play!