Parenting Empowerment Courses

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Babybrains®’ mission is to empower parents with the latest scientific knowledge, so that they can interact with their children in the most effective way, improving the quality of development and of the parent-child relationship. This poses the basis for raising fulfilled and successful young persons.

The Babybrains course stands out from other classes because we do not prescribe a parenting style – instead we offer you the scientific explanation as to what is going on in your children’s heads to help you unlock their full potential while gaining confidence and reflecting on your own personal parenting style.

In this course, you will:

  1. learn more about how your child’s brain develop. This will transform the way you look at him/her and take your interactions to a whole new level
  2. enable you to provide the best environment for your child’s development
  3. rediscover the fun of parenting
  4. build a repertoire of parenting experiences and techniques
  5. meet other parents or carers and babies 
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