How to give your child the best start in life? 

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This is the question on every parent's mind, myself included. As I deepened my studies in motor development and sensory integration, I kept thinking, "WOW" So that's why! As a child I was the "butter fingers" child, clumsy and often uncoordinated, as a mom I noticed my  little one struggled to sleep, hated tummy time and washing her hair. These are common worries expressed by parents. Working with the systems that cause these struggles can eliminate them before they cause a dent in confidence or make everyday living or learning a struggle. I still do loads of research and often say to myself, Gosh! I wish I knew more of this!" 

Everything we do is a result of neural processes. Boosting the foundational systems (sensory-motor systems) means we can give them the GREAT START IN LIFE that every child deserves.


Through these transformative play sessions your child will build the neural, sensory and motor foundations that prepare them for reading and writing with confidence, give rise to innovative and creative thinking, ground them emotionally and have them flourish socially.

 The classes are filled with fun, love and laughter and are a wonderful place where everyone feels like they belong.

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This is the Pyramid of Learning formulated by Willaims and Shellberger (1996). It highlights how the sensory and motor development relates to a child's learning development. At Neurobics Kids we integrate all of these systems into the way we play.