Move to Learn


Physical Boost: MOVE TO LEARN

Integrating the 7 sensory systems, sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, movement sense (vestibular) and spatial awareness (proprioception.)

Fitness, agility, coordination, balance, spatial awareness, rhythm, spatial awareness, steady movement, core strength, muscle tone and strength, postural skills and the list can go on.

Wired to Learn

Cognitive Boost: WIRED TO LEARN

We stimulate braincell growth and enhance neural connections. Building the foundations for success in and outside the classroom.

The sensory systems play a big part in cognitive development.

Preparing the brain for learning means your child will be learning-ready and not just school-ready.

Joy in Learning

Social and Emotional Boost: JOY IN LEARNING

Research shows specialised movement grounds the child emotionally and builds confidence in themselves.

They learn to share, take-turns and make friends.

They enjoy being themselves and exploring their capabilities.

All children love to learn, movement and sensory play is the key.