"Just want to say a massive thank you for having my LO over the last few days (i.e. camp week). I am so happy he got to spend time with such a great group of kids and with you! he's a very lucky boy." Mom to Zack (aged 5)

"Since starting Neurobics, Max is much more creative and brave in his physical and emotional play. It’s very rewarding to watch him grow into a curious child. I really think Munira’s class has opened this side of him.” Mom to Maxwell (aged 2.5)

“Munira is an amazing teacher.  She is incredibly positive, patient and gentle with children, always has wonderful ideas, and is fully prepared for each class.  I highly recommend her!” Mom to Sarah (aged 6).

"Munira has an inner-calm and gentle wisdom about her that can inspire children and adults together.  Her concepts developed through her studies of ILT fill the gaps in our Paris “apartment-kids’” learning-process. She also understands the value of all-inclusion, collaborating with all children including the “especially-abled” and their helpers.  Munira is a gem!”  Mom to Adrian (aged 6)

"My children just love Munira and her approach to teaching. For Munira, stretching means, "drawing a rainbow" and she truly understands the joy of handling soft wool. I see my two enthralled by her imaginative stories and give their all to her age-appropriate crafts projects. Hearing not a peep from a group of 6 little kids because they are so into their artwork is nothing short of amazing!" Mom to Esther 7, Nathaniel 6, Raphael 2.

“Munira’s warmth and appreciation for each child’s unique qualities is a great experience for both parent and child who are constantly battling the ‘fit in the box' model. We look forward to continuing Munira’s classes.”  Mom to Niamh (aged 6)

"Munira is a kind and gentle person. She has a great love for the children and takes a personal interest in their well-being. It was the greatest pleasure having her as my daughter’s teacher and we miss her dearly. She will be an asset to any institution she joins.” Mom to Pran (aged 6)

"Munira was a compassionate and insightful teacher for my 7 year old daughter. During their time together as teacher and student, my DD overcame a few difficult circumstances, all with the expertise, guidance and love from Munira. Because of DD's experience, and mine as a parent at the school, I believe that children who have the opportunity to interact with Munira, also have the opportunity to expand into the best version of themselves. I wish Munira the very best of luck with her new venture. I have no doubt that she will create the perfect environment in which to inspire and develop children and adults alike."  Mom to Luca (aged 6)

"Mrs Orsmond was a well prepared and hard working teacher. She strove for academic excellence as well as maintaining a creative and artistic approach to her teaching. Her class children and parents loved her dearly and were very sad to see her go." Michael Mount Waldorf School

"Thank you once again for all that you are doing! I love how my LO is very comfortable with you and at the class. She would naturally move towards you. And it is nice to see her 'grow' in Neurobics!" Mom to Dareen (aged 1.8)