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“Munira is an amazing teacher.  She is incredibly positive, patient and gentle with children, always has wonderful ideas, and is fully prepared for each class.  I highly recommend her!” Parent

"Munira has an inner-calm and gentle wisdom about her that can inspire children and adults together.  Her concepts developed through her studies of ILT fill the gaps in our Paris “apartment-kids’” learning-process. She also understands the value of all-inclusion, collaborating with all children including the “especially-abled” and their helpers.  Munira is a gem!”  Parent

"My children just love Munira and her approach to teaching. For Munira, stretching means, "drawing a rainbow" and she truly understands the joy of handling soft wool. I see my two enthralled by her imaginative stories and give their all to her age-appropriate crafts projects. Hearing not a peep from a group of 6 little kids because they are so into their artwork is nothing short of amazing!" Parent

“Munira’s warmth and appreciation for each child’s unique qualities is a great experience for both parent and child who are constantly battling the ‘fit in the box' model. We look forward to continuing Munira’s classes.”  Parent

Munira is a kind and gentle person. She has a great love for the children and takes a personal interest in their well-being. It was the greatest pleasure having her as my daughter’s teacher and we miss her dearly. She will be an asset to any institution she joins.” Parent

Munira was a compassionate and insightful teacher for my 7 year old daughter. During their time together as teacher and student, my DD overcame a few difficult circumstances, all with the expertise, guidance and love from Munira. Because of DD's experience, and mine as a parent at the school, I believe that children who have the opportunity to interact with Munira, also have the opportunity to expand into the best version of themselves.

I wish Munira the very best of luck with her new venture. I have no doubt that she will create the perfect environment in which to inspire and develop children and adults alike.  Parent

Mrs Orsmond was a well prepared and hard working teacher. She strove for academic excellence as well as maintaining a creative and artistic approach to her teaching. Her class children and parents loved her dearly and were very sad to see her go. Previous school experience.