Neurobics Kids Explained

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What's the idea?

"Neuro" = nerves or nervous system AND "-bics" = aerobics/exercise

Neurobics for kids is a fun and interactive way for your children to get in touch with their bodies, as well as being a fantastic and creative outlet for their energy. It promotes creative, physical and cognitive growth in kids of all ages. Through neurobics your child will learn to socialise and develop an emotional and physical awareness as well as self confidence.

We believe that fun, play and love are imperitive to a child's early development and that is exactly what we offer here. What we have witnessed thus far is immense growth in the kids. They are happier, healthier and stronger mentally as well as physically. Your child's happiness and well being is the most important thing for you , as it is for us.

Give your child the best start in life , give them what they want, Neurobics!

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In the class?

We use movement, yoga, songs, sensory play (touch, auditory and visual) and specialised equipment to get kids moving and having fun. Through the carefully designed program children learn essentiall motor skills, boost their physical fitness, enhance their sensory processing skills and awaken their brains for higher learning. 

For whom?

For all children from the age of 6 months to 7 years old. Building strong foundations from a young age. 

The benefits of Neurobics Kids

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Physical fitness and skills: 

Improves the child's overall fitness, muscle strength, core strength, agility, balance, coordination, spatial-awareness and hand-eye coordination. This is achieved through climbing, jumping, crawling, hopping and moving. Improving the brain-body connection and keeping your child aware of the space around them. 


Brain Boosting Movements stimulate and prepare the neural foundations for learning in the most incredible way. Each movement produces a "miracle-grow" substance called BDNF, that helps neurons grow, strengthens brain connections & pathways and improves over-all brain function. 

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Sensory Processing skills:

Sensory play is calming and connects the child to the world around them. Through sensory-play the children are exposed to various sensory inputs and gradually learn to organise that information within their brains and give meaning to it. Being able to harmonise their response to sensory input will help them better understand the world and their role in it. Teaching children techniques to reduce stress, relax and be mindful will help them in every learning situation. 

 Socio-emotional skills:

Working individually and within a group, children build their understanding of team-work and create a sense of independence. Improve their socio-emotional skills and boost their self-confidence. Activities are also designed to nurture the bond between the care-giver and the child until they are old enough and ready to do it them themselves. 

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Tips and Tricks: 

Every class includes ideas and games that can be played at home and on the playground expanding the opportunities to improve learning.

Pre-learning skills:

Learning through movement and sensory-play is the cornerstone for all higher learning. Boosting their systems from the bottom up and from an early age. Classes are designed to improve reading, writing, attention, language, listening, organising and other learning skills needed inside and outside of the classroom. Preparing children to be learning-ready.