Music Moves Me

Using music, action-songs and rhymes we begin by warming up the body and brain for learning, awakening the nervous system and helping the child feel oriented and safe.

Brain-Body Connect

Through specialised movements and equipment we create obstacle courses, challenges, dances and games depending on the age and sensory thresholds of the children. These create healthy neuro-pathways for positive behaviour and successful learning. For example, tummy time helps crawling, crawling helps reading and reading can change your life.

Sensory Play

Sensory play is more than just finger-painting. Adding sensory play enhances the functioning of the seven sensory systems and allows children the opportunity to learn how to self-regulate.

For example, a loud noise instantly causes a turning of the head to locate where the noise is coming from. An unexpected light-touch feeling on the back of your neck may cause alarm and a swift wiping away of this tactile input, hoping it wasn't a spider or some other misguided creature!

Children strengthen their sensory processing skills through play. By challenging their bodies to move in different ways and by engaging with the world around them, children develop and fine-tune each of the 7 sensory systems.

The sensory systems create the foundation from which children build higher level skills, such as eye-hand coordination, bilateral integration, and cognitive / emotional well-being.